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Calling a controller function from javascript

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Thanks everyone who has helped me so far, I've been making good progress on my project.

Some context:

A phrase is extracted from the database and used in the javascript code - the phraseId is also sent via template parameters.

When the player wins or loses, I want to then call a controller method to set the results of the game they have just played, those parameters are likely to be something like:


  phrase_id: 1234,

  result: 1 // 0 = lose, 1= win


What is the best way to approach this?  Initially I thought I could use ajax to call the function like so (passing in phraseId and result):

this._ajaxObj = ips.getAjax()( 'index.php?app=game&module=gameplayh&controller=gameplayh&do=endGame ', {
    data: {
        phraseID: 1234,
        result: 1
    .done( function (response) {

But I am not sure how to return a simple "ok/true/false/whatever" from my php function? I have this code but I am doubtful about it:

public function endGame () {
  if (isset(\IPS\Request::i()->phraseId) && isset(\IPS\Request::i()->result)) {
    # do something with phraseId and result here, write to database etc.

I do not have to return a redirect as the user will trigger a new game using a button click (so they can view their results in the meantime).

Thanks for any advice 🙂

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Your approach seems to be fine.
if request::I()->foo ... do something...



You can also just return a simple "OK" by using

if( \IPS\Request::i()->isAjax() )
				\IPS\Output::i()->json( 'OK' );

If you want to see the full working code, take a look at e.g. applications/core/modules/front/contact/contact.php

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