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Calendar - Venues

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The calendar is a very useful thing.

However, we are missing a few simple elements.

1. Since you can add venues/places where a given event takes place, can you find a list of these venues somewhere?
Today, the user can enter the calendar and view events, e.g. for a given day.
Where can I see events at a given location/venues?
I choose a city and there should be a list of events in that city.
How to do it?

2. How to spread the present description of venues?
There is only an address.
How can this be extended to e.g. additional data?
Phone number, e-mail, location (ex: on google maps), logo, link to their website?

I know the add-on to

@Adriano Faria

however, these options are not there? Maybe an idea for new options;)?

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Thank you for your response.

There is actually an option to browse by places;) I didn't notice it.

There is still the question of option 2 and adding additional information options to the places you own.

Can only admin add places?

Can users add new places by adding an event to the calendar themselves?

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I think you are writing about this supplement

There is also the Maps option and there are also venues

Yes, places = venues.

Too bad you can't choose venues.

City, state / region.

Probably not only we have many cities in a given region, but each one has a party or venues.


But it still helps.

Thank you

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