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Settings for using gmail for email notifications from forum.

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I haven't been around in a while on the support forum. My email notifications suddenly stopped working. 

I've searched, all the topics I find, don't seem to answer the question of basic settings in the ACP to get gmail to work from the forum to send email notifications. It was working fine until about 2 days ago, and then stopped sending out emails. I'm self-hosted, and the Gmail account is sending and receiving email fine. I have tried numerous combinations of the ports and ssl/tls settings. I get several different errors.

This used to be fairly simple to set up. Here are some screenshots of my settings, and some errors returned. Is there a tutorial on how to do this now? I have checked with my hosting, and there are no blocks or anything on that end.

I tried setting up a send-mail account, but now that option is greyed out. I take it, there is no further support now via ticket, unless you have a higher tier account? Or did I miss something.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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The authentication credentials you're using to connect to GMail's SMTP server are incorrect. As this is a third party SMTP server, that would be the extent of what I can tell you, I'm afraid.

You will want to ensure they are correct and all details are correct. You may have changed your Google password or GMail could have changed their authentication or access details all together.

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That's correct, the reason is the one @Szelcu mentioned.

You can easily fix this by:

  1. activating the gmail 2 factor authentication
  2. set up an app password
  3. switch the password you use in your forums' email settings with the 16-digit (app) one.

A test mail will be sent to you as usual after applying changes... it prolly gonna take several minutes though so just be patient.

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