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Product list expanded view by default

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I am trying to enhance the products page but I am finding a couple of issues. There is hardly any settings to change the looks 

1. Is it possible to set the default view to expanded? I am not sure if you call it like that. I tried to find an option in ACP to do that but I couldn't.

Could contain: Text, File, Webpage

2. Number of words displayed in the short description.

I can't see a way to change the number of words or lines that can be displayed in the product list. The software will truncate the text without letting me to change any of that. It is only displaying a couple of lines

On top of that, if the product has a renewal, the number of lines will be reduced to only one because the other likes are used to display the renewal price 😞A single line will not allow us to explain what the product is all about. 2-4 lines would be perfect. But I can't see any option anywhere.

Thanks a lot.

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