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Start New Topic button on main page to skip selector, post directly in a default forum of my choice

David N.

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I have one main forum where 90% of the new topics belong, and several more specific, lesser used forums for more advanced users.

I wish I could set up the Start New Topic button on the main forums page to skip the forum chooser (which confuses most of our visitors anyway who end up posting in the wrong forum) and instead post directly in our main forum. It's easier for moderators to occasionally move the rare topics that don't belong in the main forum than to constantly move topics that are posted in the wrong forum back to the main forum. 

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Template edit.

forums -> front -> forums -> index


<a class="ipsButton ipsButton_medium ipsButton_important" href="{url="app=forums&module=forums&controller=forums&do=add" seoTemplate="topic_non_forum_add_button"}" data-ipsDialog data-ipsDialog-size='narrow' data-ipsDialog-title='{lang="select_forum"}'>{lang="start_new_topic"}</a>

Add the following after &do=add (changing 1 to the ID of the forum you want to use):


And remove the following:

 data-ipsDialog data-ipsDialog-size='narrow' data-ipsDialog-title='{lang="select_forum"}'


<a class="ipsButton ipsButton_medium ipsButton_important" href="{url="app=forums&module=forums&controller=forums&do=add&id=1" seoTemplate="topic_non_forum_add_button"}">{lang="start_new_topic"}</a>
Edited by Nathan Explosion
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29 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Here's a plugin that removes the need for the template edit.




(NE) Start New Topic - specific forum 1.0.0.xml 3.48 kB · 0 downloads

This should be default in my eyes. Especially if we have a list of categories and forums where user does not have a permission of post. Sometimes there is only one forum, that they are allowed to "choose" from. 🙄

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