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\IPS\core\DataLayer is missing protected static $instance property 4.7 beta 4

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RuntimeException thrown with message "You are missing protected static $instance=null; property in your class IPS\core\DataLayer"

#10 RuntimeException in /opt/homebrew/var/www/dev/init.php:920
#9 IPS\Patterns\toolbox_hook_Singleton:__construct in /opt/homebrew/var/www/dev/applications/core/sources/DataLayer/DataLayer.php:561
#8 IPS\core\_DataLayer:i in /opt/homebrew/var/www/dev/system/Output/Output.php:815
#7 IPS\_Output:sendOutput in /opt/homebrew/var/www/dev/init.php:920
#6 IPS\toolbox_hook_Output:sendOutput in /opt/homebrew/var/www/dev/system/Output/Output.php:1182
#5 IPS\_Output:redirect in /opt/homebrew/var/www/dev/applications/core/modules/admin/support/support.php:1013
#4 IPS\core\modules\admin\support\_support:clearCaches in /opt/homebrew/var/www/dev/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php:107
#3 IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller:execute in /opt/homebrew/var/www/dev/applications/core/modules/admin/support/support.php:48
#2 IPS\core\modules\admin\support\_support:execute in /opt/homebrew/var/www/dev/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php:153
#1 IPS\_Dispatcher:run in /opt/homebrew/var/www/dev/init.php:920
#0 IPS\Dispatcher\toolbox_hook_dispatcherStandard:run in /opt/homebrew/var/www/dev/admin/index.php:13

this isn't an error the suite normally throws on its own, but it is something i added awhile back to my toolbox app to check if anything that extends \IPS\Patterns\SIngleton has this property, as it can cause problems that leave you chasing your tail if its not defined in the sub-class. 

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