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CSS styles broken after updating application from the marketplace

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I need your help. I just installed the update to Font Awesome 6 in IPS Everything was working fine on my website and now it's broken 😞

I am using v4.7.0 Beta 2. I contacted the developer as well but no news for now. I wanted to know what I should do in these circumstances.

  1. I install an update to a existing verified application in the marketplace and the website's frontend is broken
  2. I disabled the application that caused the problem
  3. I cleared cache

Result = website's frontend is still broken. I don't know what to do to fix it. It just doesn't work. The styles are completely broken 😞 😞 See attachment. What should I do to fix this issue?

Thanks a lot

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3 minutes ago, Randy Calvert said:

First try rebuilding your system cache from the ACP support area. If that does not work next try uninstalling the marketplace addon to see if it’s an app specific issue. 

I uninstalled the application that was "supposed" to cause the problem, because after the update it broke everything. I uninstalled it, I cleared the cache again and the problem was fixed. Oh my goodness!

Thanks a LOT.

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2 hours ago, Daniel F said:

What application was causing this? 

Font Awesome 6 in IPS The developer told me:

With cache IPS engine 🙂 I know this bug, sometimes you have to clean cache by support in AdminCP.

I had to uninstall it and clear cache or my community would not work.

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