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Menu Manager Permissions not saving properly

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If you look at the permissions for "Store/My Details" menu item, you will see, I have only assigned "Administrators" access.

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I assigned each of these menu items access to the "Administrators" and "Moderators" group and clicked on the "Save Menu item" button and then clicked on the "Publish this menu" button to save the configuration for each of the following:

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Sometimes the setting sticks and sometimes it doesn't:

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When it doesn't it inherits the permissions assigned to "Store" which is only Administrators" not "Moderators".  The "Payment Methods", "Paypal Subscriptions", "Account Credit" menu items also exabit the above behavior whereas the others don't.

I've assigned these menu items a variety of different permissions and they don't consistently stick.

Other sections of the menu have also reverted back to the permissions shown directly above.  I did a random audit of my other three sites and it appears that they are keeping their settings, it is only on the primary site that has all of the suite apps installed that have issues. 

I have a duplicate test environment that I updated to 4.7 Beta 3 and it appears the issue still exists in that build.


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