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Emails failing to Send

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52 minutes ago, Lisa Lightner said:

But what if the log is empty...yet no one is getting the emails, including me.

You would need to work with your hosting or email provider as that would indicate our software is successfully passing it off to the email service you have configured but something is not working correctly with that email service.

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Just now, Lisa Lightner said:

But I shouldn't need an smtp email service, if I chose php in settings, correct?

Correct... if you choose PHP, you don't need to provide SMTP credentials.  

If you choose PHP as the sending method, IPB directs the mail to PHP to handle from there.  At that point, the software loses track of the delivery.  As long as the PHP mail function does not return an error, IPB is now out of the picture and no longer involved with delivery.  Your host can help check if the sendmail service is running properly on your server.  If it is working properly, it's also possible the destination server is rejecting the messages or thinks that they are spam.  For example is your server that is sending mail listed in your SPF record?  Do you have a valid DKIM record setup for your server that is sending mail?  If not, most major mail providers will either reject the message or toss the messages into the spam folder.  Those are all things your hosting company should be help you diagnose.  

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17 minutes ago, Lisa Lightner said:

I do have that set up, but not for this--but with my email list, and my email service provider. So that should not be an issue, I wouldn't think. This is just a subdomain, but still same domain. 

That is actually most likely even worse.  Because if the server you're sending from is NOT listed when there are valid records for the domain...  it's an even stronger indicator to the receiving servers that the message is spam.

Think of it this way...  if no records existed whatsoever...  it is bad because there is no data.  If there is a record that does not match, it's even worse because it's even clearer that it's not intended to be that server.  

But again...  the question is where is it failing?  Your host can confirm if the message actually left your server.  If it did not leave the server, something is happening there with PHP mail on that machine.  If it did leave the server, it's most likely being rejected by the destination mail servers because of what we're talking about now with SPF, DKIM, etc.  

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Hello, Is there a way to clean the error logs completely?

If I enter the list, it only gives me the option to forward one by one. But don't delete them. I have the prune email option enabled for more than 2 days and yet I have emails pending there from several months ago.


thanks in advance

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Hello Marc,

If you already had it configured before.

Today I have raised it to 10 days and then I have lowered it again to see if it deleted something. More than anything because the emails are at least 20 days old, but as I told you, I was wearing prune after 2 days and that's why I was messing around.


I'll wait until tomorrow to see then, thank you very much!


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