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(Pages) Filter block like fluid forum selection block


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The filter block on the Pages is hard to customize (no custom block based on the default one) and it has some mobile issues. E. g.

  • Placed in the right sidebar it is displayed below the record lists instead of above the listing
  • Swapping the sidebar to the left does not solve the issue, as then the filter is placed in mobile above the title and description of the record listing instead of below the description and listing
  • We also cannot add the block two times on the same page, e. g. one with visibility for desktop only and one for mobile placed in a different area
  • The filter with a long checkbox set should be inlined in mobile to avoid scrolling through long filter form and make it compact for small devices

A perfect solution already exists for fluid forums:

  • The block is added to the sidebar on the right above all other blocks on desktop
  • Switching to mobile the block moves to under the forum title and description (the filter block in Pages should appear here as well)
  • The block is automatically collapsed and transformed to the modal window to avoid long-form scrolling for those who do not need or use the filter

It would be user and mobile-friendly if the filter block in Pages would behave like a forum selector in fluid view. 😉 

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