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Reactions buttons in private messages.

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It would be helpful to have "reactions" in private messages.  This is a popular Facebook Messenger and text messaging feature that is used all the time.  Someone sends a message and often times a simple "like" or heart or smiley face is better than words and creates closer to the conversation.

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3 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

But ONLY install this if you have FTP access to make this change:

There’s a bug in Core. Still waiting for IPS to fix it.

Awesome!   Thanks for developing this.

Can I access FTP with the monthly IC plan?  or is that only possible if I buy self-hosted?

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4 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

Why would tusk require FTP access? Can’t you fix it in the xml file ?

Nope, due to try/catch it adds when exporting the plugin. I reported to you:


And you replied positively so I thought it was under IPS radar:


It’s really missing to add the reactions removal when uninstalling it but I’ll leave it for when I have to update it.


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