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Sub-forums in clubs

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It seems like sub-forums within clubs would be fairly easy to implement because sub-forums already exist in other forums...  And having sub-forums within clubs would dramatically expand the discussion options for club owners.

Please let me show you an example:

There is a groups Addon for Xenforo called Social Groups for Xenforo that works in a similar way to Invision clubs (see image below).  However, it lets you use sub-forums. 

Could contain: File, Webpage, Person, Human, Text, Monitor, Electronics, Screen, Display, Page



Here is an example of a forum-website using this Xenforo Addon with sub-forums:

Could contain: Person, Human, File, Monitor, Electronics, Screen, Motorcycle, Transportation, Vehicle, Webpage

Here's the link:  https://gbatemp.net/forums/da-official-digital-cheese-empire.486/

You can see that there are sub-forums within the "group".  In fact, some of the sub-forums link to more sub-forums.  For example, click on "Gaming Sub-forum" and you'll see 3 more sub-forums.  

I've seen other members also asking for sub-forums (or categories) within clubs:

Could contain: Text, Page, Person, Human, Electronics


What would it take to make this happen?  Can we pay extra to have a feature like this developed sooner?  Or can I hire someone to make sub-forums a possibility on my site?


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