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Invalid Redirection URI - REST API


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Hi everyone
I'M trying to set up the rest API on my IPS and link it to members (i wan to know who using it)
So i'm using oauth2.0 , i create the API. 

to make my test , i"m using Postman but when i'm trying to get my token , i log in and i got this error :  Invalid Redirection URI
I thing is when you create the oAuth CLient , you need to add a redirection URL , so i put the url back to home website. 

If it is not that , what i need to put or what this error means ? 

thank you 

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Could you please clarify the intentions of using the API?

Generally, there is an external application from your community with OAUTH which would be the authentication means, that would be the redirect URI that the token, etc... is passed back to. Typically, there would be no need to authenticate the API with itself so putting the homepage of your community in, would not be allowed.

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Hi Jim

thank you for the reply. 
I will try to do my best to clarify my intention. 

Basically i will use the API to link information from a game server (FiveM), a exemple :  if you pay a subscription on the forum , you will have the VIP secondary group.  When you join the game , i will made a Rest API call from the database to verify if you have this group or not , if you have it you will have access to all VIP stuff in game, if not no....

it was just a simple exemple , but i wanna use for more. 

BUT for the moment i'm in dev , so IPS is set-up locally  and i'm using PostMan to preparing my call and made some test, in the same way to learn more about how use and set-up this API. 

I do not want to use the basic AUTH for this kind of project , i really want the Oauth with token expired quickly to prevent hacker.
To be more general , i will and want link alot of stuff from the website / discord and the game. (another exemple , if you get warn in-game , the API will add 1 warning point on the profile of the player) to keep and track everything.

so for postman and testing i 'm still not sure how to use the redirection URL ,  if i understand well , i need to redirect to PostMan ? 

Thank you 

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