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IPS when designing and planning out new feature please consider making such new features more complete by allowing bulk changes in the ACP that users may wish to change to one or more areas.

All too often new features are stored in a bitwise and there is no interface to effectuate a change en mass.

At least for areas like Forums a new feature should include automatic inherence of a setting to all children making the change to a category that will set/reset to all sub forums is by far more ideal making a change to half dozen categories then making one one at a time in over a hundred forums.

Or even if I am deep in to the settings of a forum a set of buttons  > save and go to next forum where it will save the setting and keep me on the same setting page but for the next forum in sequence.

Id also hope for some kind of discovery tool to see at a glance how a setting is set across the site. 


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