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How to install Pages or Blogs in a different folder than the forum?

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4 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

You can move that from the folder if you need to do so. You would simply do the following (after taking a full backup)

  1. Move all files/folders from the /forum/ folder, and put them in root
  2. Edit your conf_global.php file, and remove the /forum/

Once thats done (if you are doing so) let me know and I can update your URL on the license

Ok then I may end up just doing that in the end. Can I update the URL on the license myself? I can see a "Change Licensed URL" button in my Client Area > Manage this purchase.

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The forums home page is displayed however anything I click leads to the old /forum/ folder still, which was a 404 (the /forum/ folder no longer exists) and I now redirected to a "maintenance.html" page. 

I'm not sure why it continues to direct to that /forum/ folder?

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