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All profile fields have same value

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when i use Checkbox Set in profile fields settings, every checkbox has same value attribute - value="1". When i move order or remove some items, their content swaps in user settings. If i use Select box instead, every option has its own value and i can move or remove options without unwanted change in user settings. Is this a bug in case of Checkbox Set? 🤔 In admin settings every item has its own value attribute in both cases.

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The value there shouldn't be a problem as the name attribute has a separate array in each case so it's basically acting as a boolean field to see if it has been checked or not.

As the items are stored as integers in their re-order, this may be creating problems. I have created an item in our internal tracker to review the design of how this is stored as that could create complications. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

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