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Warning if you opt in to read this following content, you'll be heading out for a packet of these soon afterwards...

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I was wondering if there will be any improvements to the cookie banner so we can offer clear unhindered choice ( REJECT ALL, ACCEPT and ACCEPT ALL), plus either CCPA and/or GDPR modes?

Reason I ask, is that I recently switched from CivicUK to a different free plugin (CookieYes) that I'm super impressed with for use on some Wordpress sites combined with IPS, and it reminded me how limited the IPS cookie banner is. After install, you can opt to let them scan your site and collect and optionally auto categorise cookies for you. They then tell you by email when it's done (usually seems under say 30 mins), and they've imported your cookies into the admin dashboard, where you can then optionally move them to different categories (necessary, advertising, analytics, etc). It even adds descriptions for known cookies. This means your visitors can quickly reject, accept or enter a toggle panel with cookie descriptions to make granular consent choices. It's a great timesaver and it picks up on cookies placed by 3rd parties from rich embeds like YouTube and Vimeo embeds etc. You can opt to switch modes and text wording for the banner message based on whether you want to go comply with GDPR or/and CPPA compatibility accordingly. You can have a pop up modal, widget or banner, I like widget because I can reduce it down to a less intrusive simple 🍪 emoji after a user chooses. You can also opt to let the company log acceptances for you if you need to.

I added the IPS4 cookies to it manually using the descriptions IPS generates for its own cookie policy but I suppose one option would be to deactivate the IPS cookie banner and let this WP plugin handle it all, but I also have IPS sites without WP, where better cookie banner support would be ideal.

I'm sure IPS4 and it's database functionality could provide something similar, but most importantly we really need these simple choices to make it easier and unobstructive to reject non-necessary cookies or accept analytics, accept all (necessary, analytics, advertising etc).

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