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Removing Active Member Group

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I was using the Active Member group (see screenshot below) as the default when anyone registered. We recently went to a subscription registration. I had moved all the Active Members to a group called Inactive Member (can only view what Guests view) so there are absolutely no one in the Active Member group. I want to delete this group since I don't use it anymore. For some reason there is no delete choice. 

All guests who subscribe are put in a new group called Subscriber 1 Month or Subscriber 3 month, depending on which subscription plan they choose. 

Registered members who are in the Inactive Member group if they login are forced to purchase a subscription plan of their choice or they can only view what Guests view. So far one inactive member has done so and it works,  the member chose the three month subscription plan and was moved automatically into this group, so I know it does indeed work. 

Just wondering why I can't delete the Active Member group?  Any ideas?

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What is the group ID? Most likely it's one of the default 3 groups created on install (Guest, Member, Admin) which cannot be deleted. The 3 lines below are from a conf_global.php file (group name => ID):

  'guest_group' => 2,
  'member_group' => 3,
  'admin_group' => 4,


Most likely the Active Member's group ID is 3.

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As mentioned above, you cannot delete the group which is the default member group when someone registers. The reason for this is if we allowed you to do so, the system would not know what group in which to place a newly registered member. Therefore you need to change the member_group item mentioned above, or rename that group to whatever you wish it to be, rather than deleting it.

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