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After a long hiatus of development with Invision power (only do it for my website not for public dev) I have come into an issue where when I modify template files for admin or front end  (the .phtml files within the dev folder) they don't seem to automatically update on the dev site I have. I have attempted to clear the system cache but it seems that the template files I modify don't update in the database. I haven't attempted to delete the entries in the DB for the templates as I'd say that will cause more headaches.

Can I ask what I'm doing wrong, or is there a link to a doc that explains how this works so I can refresh my memory. For the life of me I can not remember, sorry if this sounds stupid 😛 



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4 minutes ago, Matt said:

Do you have the IN_DEV constant set in constants.php?

Ah that would be part of the issue.

I have enabled this now and I'm getting this for the admin panel?

Could contain: Text, Page

I've tried to clean the cache on my browser but it seems to remain the same, I did upload the dev tools as required and removed the folder for downloads as I do not have that application

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