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I searched for my recent post "The 20" and used quotes, and it returns nothing, uses the 20, no quotes. It returns one oddly wrong result.

However, if I search for the20 quotes or no quotes, it returns the correct results.

Are there settings that need to change for this to work correctly? Or can you please explain how we search in the forum properly?

Screenshot below is when I search The 20 with quotes:
Could contain: Text, File, Page, Webpage

Search The 20 without quotes:
Could contain: File, Text, Webpage

Search The20 and it shows the correct results:
Could contain: File, Text, Webpage, Document

- Allan

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On 5/11/2022 at 2:56 PM, Marc Stridgen said:

the word "the" is a mysql stop words and woud not be included in search results. That and the default minimum 4 letters for mysql fulltext searchign means items such as the above would not really be searchable in that manner unfortunately. 

Thank you Marc


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