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Images missing after changing storage location

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On 5/10/2022 at 8:46 PM, Jim M said:

Has the complete move been processed? Are the source images present? Did the thumbnail rebuild complete?

Yup, a week or so back...

They've all gone to amazon so I assume so.

Yes, it's not there or hung.

2 minutes ago, Clover13 said:


Can you verify this issue is isolated to images that have been uploaded/attached to a new topic or reply but not Inserted explicitly (i.e. clicking the Insert link on the image after it's been uploaded)?

In that topic, it looks like they've been uploaded then inserted as they are in specific locations, not just listed as the end of the post. 

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Thanks @abetts, FWIW I'm experiencing a very similar issue but I ported to BackBlaze.  I'll have to see if it applies to Inserted images as well, the cases I've seen so far has been just uploaded/attached but not Inserted.  All of my files are also on BackBlaze post externalization but the links in the forum_posts.post records are inconsistent.  Any chance you can look at some of your forum_posts.post records and verify the same exists? 

My topic on this issue:


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