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Facebook log in acting up again.

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Just got a love note from FB on their annual checkup - I have not altered anything since I got it up and working. And now they say they get a message that reads:

"You are not permitted to register a user account with this site."

I tried my account by first disconnecting FB from my account settings. Then I logged out of my site and clicked the sign up button. It does a redirect and found my existing account.

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But it will not let me reauthenticate - with my FB password or my known site password, which I know both are correct as they are stored in 1Password and also have 2Factor.

However if I log in to the site with my email account and go to CONFIGURE FB in the Settings it connects no problem. 

I watched the video they provided me of their 'experience' and they clicked the sign up page it goes to the full registration page with all the fields that are required at sign up and they didn't fill in any of them but clicked the FB link on the sidebar (Get started faster) they are presented a page to continue as that person and then got the message - However I cannot even see their registration attempt or found their email address. 

If the workflow requires them to Register by entering all fields on the registration form FIRST then the social sign in buttons on the right should be hidden until you've filled in the required fields. 




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The Facebook registration does not require any fields on the Registration page to be filled out. However, if they fill out any, it will attempt to validate it so instruct them to not fill any out as those are validated upon leaving the field.

The "You are not permitted to register a user account with this site." sounds like they may be getting blocked by the spam defense system or a ban filter in your ACP. If they are able to provide their email address and/or IP address, you can confirm in your Spam Defense log.

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