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Automatically resize / optimize images


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Automatically resize / optimize images served to the client to improve page speed. Convert images / gifs to most efficient format. This should be a core feature if it's not already. 
Nginx offers a module called "image_filter" which would accomplish this, but having it added as a core feature if IPB would be much easier!

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From this feature request, which is interesting, currently the IPS allows to set up a thumbnail. It would be nice that, just as WordPress does, there could be different image dimensions.

  • The original
  • Optimized to a set up size and quality
  • Middle thumbnail
  • Small thumbnail

Then, you choose which one you want to use.

For instance, for widgets, it should use the small thumbnail. Widgets currently use bigger images than they already need.  Picked up content would use middle thumbnail and the proper content, the optimized one.

The original would be saved just in case that you need full resolution or just if you want to re-create the "child" images.

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