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Change Test Url

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Hi Jim, thanks for getting back to me.

Our live url is / has always been : https://www.asktraders.com/trading-community/

We would like that to remain the same.

We initially set the test url to https://asktraders.wsam.biz/trading-community/ but never used it, I'm being assured by my dev team that we don't have Invision installed here, (screenshot attached).

We would just like to change the test url from  https://asktraders.wsam.biz/trading-community/ to https://asktraderscom-dev.catena.media/trading-community/ so we can upgrade away from our live version.

Your assistance getting to the bottom of this is much appreciated.




image (9).png

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Note: I removed that link for security, as it contained a plain-text login.

(Please don't post sensitive info on our community, we can create a ticket if needed. And I've added the details to a staff page so we have that link now.)

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