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problem with the primary and secondary groups

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Good day,

I am having a problem with the primary and secondary groups. Maybe I am doing things wrong, but I am trying to understand it.

I just had a member who had purchased product A and was moved to the primary group A. A member rarely buys a second membership, but he did. So the purchase moved the member to user group B and removed access to primary group A.

What do I do when I have several products that move users to a different primary group?

Usually, members will purchase a single product, so I use the primary group. A member rarely buys a different second group without cancelling the first product.

This is the problem I am having:

  • The user buys product A, and its user group is moved to the primary group A
  • If the user cancels A, then the primary user group is moved to the original one (member)

What if the user buys a second product B (membership)?

  • User A will be moved to the primary user group B, and the access granted to the user group A will be removed.

I could add it to a secondary group, but what happens if it’s the first product the member buys? That would mean that I should never use the primary group, only the secondary group 😞 I am a bit lost, and I would need your help on how to proceed.

Can two different memberships coexist?

I can't see how to do it. I know there is the secondary group option but I don't know whether the user will buy the two different memberships or a "bundle" (different membership) that includes both. What if he buys them individually like the case I explained? How can I handle the permissions?

I have these products:

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

Each purchase moves the member to a different primary group. E would be a bundle (with a smaller price). Using primary groups won't help because the member from B will lose acess to the forums in A. The only solution would be using "secondary groups" always, but then what would be the point of having primary groups?

Maybe my questions are silly but I can't see how to accomplish what I want.

Thanks a lot.

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1 minute ago, opentype said:

If multiple of those memberships should be possible, you must indeed use secondary groups. 

If you only want only one membership at a time, keep primary groups and set the product permissions so that only members without any of these groups can purchase the product. 

Thanks a lot. So if I want multiple memberships to coexist, then I should forget about the primary groups and always use secondary groups? 

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