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Calendar Event Times: Automatically changing by 1 hour (not able to change back)

Susan C.

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I've been getting this random issue happening over the past 2 months (March and April) where an event will be created in the calendar with a set time. And then it will seemingly randomly change by 1 hour (perhaps after someone goes in to edit the description?)

A few knowns:

  • It has happened to events I have created (admin) as well as a (moderator) level
  • It has happened to events created from different time zones and set in different time zones (Pacific and Central)
  • It can SOMETIMES be edited back to the original time. Other times the entire event has to be deleted and recreated
  • I have the latest version installed
  • I do have an assistant who will edit the details of the events after creation - not sure if this triggers a change because she is in a different timezone (Asia)

We thought it might have to do with March's daylight savings, but just found it happened again in April (well after daylight savings has passed)

Not sure if anyone else has had this issue with the calendar and event times?

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It sounds very much like It's the person who is editing. Next time they are edited, please take note of the timezone that is showing at the bottom of the page on save, and let us know if that is changing. We will then need an example of this, so once you get one you cannot change, please dont delete that and let us take a look first

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