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"Custom" Advertisement Problem - Pay

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I set up my advertisements years ago before I realized there would be issues with the IPS Discussion Software.  I need to fix these issues and I am willing to pay for a tested solution that you provide and install.

I have space for 6 ads at the top of each Discussion and Blog page.  There are 4 ads there now.  They are in 2 rows and 3 columns.  I installed them with simple code on the advertisement and promotion sections years ago.  I need the solution to be simple so that I can insert new ads and replace old ads.  I am not a techie.

Here are the problems that occur.

  • when a user clicks a link near the end of the ads, the last ad will appear.
  • the calendar does not work.

There are other things I've probably forgotten.

I will pay you for an installed solution that I can use and that is acceptable to me.  

Guests can read and use the board but not post.  However, I believe you can see the problem easily.

The site is http://www.wifcon.com/discussion/

I will check this page tomorrow morning.

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We can take a look at the calendar issue, but I would suggest posting that here as a separate problem with full details as to what exactly is not working. Clicking the calendar it opens up no problem.

With the issue on advertisements, we would not provide assistance with customisations, so I have moved your topic to our community support area, where this may well be picked up by people who would like to take on such work.

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