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Is Zapier the right way for those actions?

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I have a database with over 1000 records that are all scheduled to be published in the future.

  1. I would like to trigger a Zap only WHEN a record is published. The Zap should not be triggered if the record is just created to be published in the future. It is possible?
  2. The action in Zap should create an event in the calendar in another IPS community. The record image should be used as an event cover. I do not see the cover field for the event in ZAP. So, not possible?
  3. The actions in Zap are to create a new member AND create a new event with this member as an author. I do not see a possibility to refer to the previous action in Zapier, where I can pick the member created in the previous step.
  4. The action in Zap should just execute a custom hook in another community, where I manually define what should happen. Possible?

Generally, is Zapier the right way to create all these actions? They are all bound on record publish in IPS. In the record itself, all the fields for creating another content item are set. Zap seems to be not enough, as it misses fields, like image fields or dependencies from previous steps.

Probably, is the combination of custom hook onPublish() and REST API still the best way to solve it?

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There's unfortunatly no way to accomplish this at the moment because publishing wouldn't trigger anything on Zapier.



That said, I have raised an internal suggestion to add new Zapier triggers when some content gets published / unpublished ( This sounds weird, so unpublishing would be syncing to run when unpublishing an item (making it a future dated entry when it was already published)

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