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(TB) Delete All System Logs Button [Support Topic]

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9 minutes ago, DawPi said:

@ZLTRGO, you wrote what no one wrote something like this. Well, I'm using it from years and works fine:

But that's for 4.4, hence why it's pretty much "invisible" for us on the Marketplace aka went under the radar :,)

And besides that, this one has some "safety" mechanism for dorkys like me...

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Oh, never noticed that empty logs plugin. I guess mine has the category option compared to it.


5 hours ago, DawPi said:

P.s. I don't see it:


Yep, you don't have any logs in that screenshot:



  • The button appears only if there are logs to delete.
  • No accidentals delete, the button requires a confirmation checkbox to be clicked.
  • Option to delete only errors in certain categories rather than all logs.
  • All actions are logged in the Administrator Logs.


From your screenshot I also see that I forgot to consider File Logs thought, I'll add it to the next version.

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  • 3 months later...

I was asked by PM but I'll reply here for everyone. 🙂


This modification is already compatible with 4.7 but I haven't submitted an update yet because I plan on including a couple of changes and submit directly a new version. Those who have it already installed can keep using it without worries. Those who want to install it and are already on 4.7 have 2 options: either wait until the new version is submitted and approved, or just download the plugin from my site and install it manually in the ACP.

It won't be long anyway. 👍

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