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A Pages Only Cloud Package

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Invision Cloud is quite nice and I find it enjoyable for my communities.  I also don't find the pricing that bad as the starter plan with fairly close to a full license key renewal fee anyway. 

However, the current Cloud packages are all focused on the full suite and this seems like a bit of a missed opportunity as while it makes sense for sites using the majority of the features, it does not exactly hit the needs of many smaller projects.  Invision's Page application has always been underrated in my book as it is a great CMS tool and easily a full featured website builder that can compete with basically everything on the market in some regards.  The problem is that $50 a month simply does not compete with basically any entry level CMS/website builder on the market and this, at least in my opinion, leaves a huge customer entry point for Invision community closed.

While I understand a lot of users on here are focused around their forums and such, a cheap cloud based content website what can later be expanded into the full cloud package as a brand grows seems like a highly reasonable growth pattern of a brand/website.  Getting these customers onto a Pages Cloud service is a great way to ensure they stick with Invision once they need a forum, store, etc. and press that "upgrade to the full cloud" button.  While the alternative of already having an established website on ABC Website Manager and needing additional services, will likely not bring them to Invision as it comes with the cost of a full Pages App and other utilities that will likely compete with what they already pay for.

Just my two cents for a item I would certainly use on my smaller projects that currently do not use Invision, although I do have to add that my hopefulness of using Pages for those projects is likely affected by how much I use Pages in my already existing larger projects.

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