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Client Access Issues with Safari (Wordpress/Memberhub)

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Hello all, 
We have our community forum built out on wordpress. We use MemberHub and Invision.

We have clients who answer forum questions in certain sub forums. One of them is using an ipad and safari. When someone posts a question, the client is sent an email with a link to that sub-forum. When they click the link, they should be redirected to the post but instead are getting access denied. I checked all of their access on the wordpress side and they are listed as having access according to their "Role".

What's happening is they have to log out and back in, they then try the link again and it does not work. We tried their logins on our end and they worked fine in chrome, but the clients are using safari. I've adjusted some of the two-factor settings and updated to the latest version of Invision. 

Does anyone have any insight on what else I may be able to try to solve this issue? I did not build out this system and the person who did is no longer working with us.

Thanks in advance.

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As you're utilizing a third party WordPress plugin, you will want to contact the author for assistance with any issues with authentication or passing of roles from WordPress to Invision Community. 

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