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Kindle issue?

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I ran the upgrade from 4.6.10 to 4.6.12 on Wednesday, but since then one of my moderators can't log in on his Kindle Fire. He can view the site as a guest on it but when going to log in he gets a page cannot be reached message. Any ideas? He's tried all the usual clearing cache/history and I don't have a Kindle to test it on.

It works on other devices, it's just the Kindle.

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5 hours ago, marklcfc said:

Ok applied that patch, I don't use subscriptions though

Try this: 

ACP > System > Support > Get Support > Clear System Caches

or if the above doesn't work contact IC Support <support@invisionpower.com> and be sure to use the email you used setting up your IC account or it won't trigger a support response. 


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