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Uploading mp3 does not auto insert and because of this, there is a bug

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I notice that when uploading an audio file, the mp3 file does not "auto insert" when posting.  If the user forgets to insert the audio, there is a bug which I attached.

Auto insert must not be removed so that this bug does not occur.  But I have an idea why the bug occurs.

The error is stating that 4 parameters are passed into this template which now has been updated to have 5 parameters.  So I think this is what the error is indicating.  If this issue can be fixed quickly, I would greatly appreciate it.  My forum is a music forum where users are consistently updating mp3s, and there will be all sorts of error messages around this now because of the parameter mismatch issue and lack of "auto insert".

bug attachments.png

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Let me just tell you what I'm trying to do, because it no longer is working on my end.  I want to "hide" the html5 player that is automatically inserted so that my custom html5 player is the only player showing in the post.  So I made a template hook change replacing the html5 code.  This used to work, but the template changed, and now on my dev computer, I can't even do a simple replacement.

Here is an example of the issue I am having: Template Error

So the user uploaded the mp3, and did not click "insert".  This led to the template error which you can see in detail from my first post.  But let's say this html5 player is inserted.  I can't seem to "remove" the player by replacing it any longer in the template hook.  You can see an example in my dev tools screenshot.  This replacement doesn't work.

replacement doesn't work.png

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