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Problem with Languages after new rev?

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Hi - 


A member reports:




Since today morning, language packs don´t work correctly anymore.

Win10 Pro x64, Mozilla Firefox.


When I´m not logged in,- sign in/ot area, topic´s subtitles, authors of posts and more appears in spanish by default.

When I try to sign up I get the message "Ooops, something went wrong. Existing user ? try again".

Once I signed up from there, I got the dark theme I previously selected AND all is back in english.


Happens again and again when I return after I signed out, closed Firefox and re-launched.

When I signed up,- at the bottom of the site, default language is "english US" by default and as it should.

When visiting w/o signing up, default langaue is set to "spanish"



I did not set Spanish as a default for anything.


I have a Spanish, German and Italian pack installed.  They seemed to be working fine until April’s upgrade



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I just visited your site as a guest and am seeing everything in English. (And as a Guest there are no language packs available to change.)

Are they still experiencing this problem? If they are the only one reporting this it would be something on their end, perhaps their browser cache.

But are you able to reproduce it?

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11 hours ago, David Bryce said:

Doesn’t the description in my first post give you the info you need?

Sorry for being dense…



Unfortunately not. I am not seeing any, as my colleague mentioned, but that could be because Im a guest and you intend that. It also could be the issue you are saying you are having. We dont know if they are showing for someone but cannot be selected, can be selected but its not showing a language change, or arent showing at all. And if so, for whom. If you could provide that information, we can certainly take a look.

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