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500 error after upgrade to 6.12

Bill in CA
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I am seeing intermittent errors when trying to create posts or add comments since I did the 6.12 upgrade. It looks like short posts are working but longer messages are causing errors.

1) I don't have any plug ins installed

2) I cleared cache in the control panel

3) I tried to use RECOVERY MODE but get this error message:

1S107/3 Before you are able to use the Admin Control Panel, you must edit 'constants.php' and remove the following line:

define( 'RECOVERY_MODE', TRUE );

4) Nothings is showing in the System Log or Error Log

5) Restored to default theme, no change

Any suggestions on where to look next?

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Are you still experiencing the issue or were you able to resolve it?
I tried to reproduce the issue on your board by creating a really long topic and reply and didn't run into any error.


Looking at your system log, you were missing some database tables 6h ago?!
Was this related?

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I did another clearing of cache not long before your test (thanks very much for doing those) and I haven't seen the problem since.

The database errors came up when I had upgraded to 6.11 earlier today, but seem to have stopped after I then did the 6.12 upgrade.

So, right now, fingers crossed, it looks like things may be working OK. I will see what happens more more uses start using it now that I've told them the upgrades are done.

Many thanks for the help and the promptness.

Oh - any idea why RECOVERY MODE didn't work? I put the line as the first entry in the constants.php file as shown in another post.

Oh, I also had run the background job to complete indexing.

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