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error code when paying for a custom miscellaneous invoice

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I have a member that tried to pay for a custom miscellaneous invoice I created on ACP for him. He paid with Stripe processor. The payment appears on Stripe, but there was an error after submitting the payment. That should not happen. The client opened a support ticket and sent me this screenshot.

As I said, the payment has been received but he has not received any confirmation, only this error attached below.



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1 hour ago, Marc Stridgen said:

We would need to know the name of that member in order to investigate. Or alternatively the invoice number and I can get it from there

Invoice #1006. Username TradingMagnet 

Thanks a lot


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I've had the same error again today on another payment. I didn't get any reply from the previous one either. I revised my credentials in my client area and they should be ok.

The problem happened this time with invoice 1036 using PayPal.



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