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Internal server error - Bluehost

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Hi, it's been a while since I setup an invision community suite and I recently uploaded and unzipped the invision community suite to my public_html directory on cpanel. I have a feeling it's clearly related to my old website. I was previously using wordpress and I deleted the wordpress installation and wiped the old database for it, then created a new one and extracted the website to the public html directory, including moving core files that I am supposed to, to that directory. Now I'm getting internal server error.


- I have renamed old htaccess files including the other htaccess.phpupgraded.intial files

- I have created a new database for the board

- I have tried ips4.php the compatibility checker and they won't even load up on the page that goes to internal server error. 


I'm assuming there's something wrong with htaccess or the files on the directory or the hidden files. 

Can't remember how exactly to do this. Can I have some help?

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If you cannot even load the checker script, it sounds like a host issue.  The checker script can stand alone and does not have any requirements to execute. If it is not able to display, it’s a config issue at the server end or the files were not uploaded right. 

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