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(TB) Block New Members from Voting in Old Polls [Support Topic]

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So you mean a grace period setting like "can't vote in polls created X days before registering?" While I could easily add a setting for that, the purpose of this plugin was to stop people from creating new accounts to cheat and alter the poll votes. Adding this kind of setting would defeat its purpose.


As for the number of posts, I could probably make a completely separate plugin for that. 🤔

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I think the explanation about the meaning of the complement makes sense, I'll put it to the test and thank you very much for responding.

However, I have a doubt, really new users who have consumed the product and wish to evaluate it, would not be able to do so. It's right?

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Sorry, you lost me. Evaluate a product? Are the polls we're talking about made to evaluate products? If so, I understand that blocking new accounts from older polls is not the ideal solution for you.


Thinking again about it, you can do this:

  1. Create a new group and select in the plugin setting Exclude groups
  2. Create a new group promotion rule in "ACP > Members > MEMBERS > Group Promotions" that adds the group you just added in #1 as a secondary group to members after they reach a specific Content Count.

Doing so your members will get the secondary group that allows them to bypass the plugin after making X posts.

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