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Image Upload, Pink and Green Stripes.

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I have a single user on my site that when he attempts to upload images it shows up a pink/green vertical bars. - Any ideas what is causing this or how it can be resolved? Currently using 4.6.11 - but this has been around for a few updates. from 4.4 i think.



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I did ask the user this and got some more information...

"Google Pixel 4a 5G camera. JPG. Reduced in size using Windows 10 image resizer (right clicking the file from Windows Explorer). Selected Large size. The first is the original image out of the camera. The second the resized image."

@Marc Stridgen - Thanks for the initial feedback. Any chance this could be related to the Win-10 image resizer (both of the images work for me when uploading here, and on my community)


PXL_20220218_044822757.MP (Large).jpg

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