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Links in forum posts showing "page not found"

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Not sure of when issue began - have not been inside our old content for long time.  Peakptrochester.com ....newsletters .   Noting that, in Jan 2015 for example, clicking on a link within post leads to "page not found" and content is gone.  That used to be a working link at some point.  We did just have Hostmonster do a PHP upgrade that apparently went bad for many customers.  We were not able to back up the site beforehand.  They did revert us (and many others) back to prior working version - site seemed to otherwise function normally then after temporarily being down.   I'm not sure if that in any way could have affected forums functionality or data integrity.  

We're in process of having a website upgrade done and will eventually be needing to convert some of this content into the new site.  Obviously some of the content we're noting within "Newsletters" is no longer apparently available/accessible.  Need to know what our next steps should be.  

Did not want to perform the upgrade in invision to I think it's 4.6 until knowing how that might impact the forum issue i'm seeing w "lost" data - whether it is the fix or it might make permanent the loss of that data...


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