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Outdated language strings

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Almost all my language strings are outdated. I have tried to figure out why and found this:

  1. Create a new language in ACP
  2. Go and translate one string (for example, stats_activity_overview)
  3. Download the language with this one translated string
  4. Create new language as import from downloaded one (step3)
  5. Go to translate and show outdated strings, the only translated string will be shown as outdated. Why?

It looks like if the language is downloaded and reimported, then all translated strings are marked are outdated. Even if they are not.

Now, when a new version is released, and I would like to update the language, I have two issues:

  • The strings deleted in English, are NOT deleted in my language pack. They are now orphan. I have to prune the database manually to remove them from my language pack. E. g. hundreds of strings that belong to mobile app. 
  • The strings changed in English, cannot be identified in ACP as all my strings are marked as outdated after import.

Can you reproduce the 5 steps above? Is it a bug? Or how outdated language strings are supposed to work and for what are they good?



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