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[BUG] Achievement Rule location condition filter can disappear in certain cases

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Setup a new achievement with the following options:

  • Reaction is given
  • Add a location condition
  • It is a Topic
  • Add a forum filter
  • Remove the "It is a Topic" location condition
  • Click again "Add a location condition"
  • The "Add a forum filter" option is now gone. Changing the location option does nothing to fix it either.
  • Deleting first the "Add a forum filter" condition and only then the location condition still works. The issue only appears when you delete the location condition without removing the filter condition.



You can reproduce with any any content item that adds a filter, not just topics.

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While you're checking that you might also want to fix the example file applications\core\data\defaults\extensions\AchievementAction.txt which contains a typo in the rebuildRow() function on line 161:

	public static function rebuildRow( $row, $data )
		// This method runs the achievementAction on the table row from the table (or tables) you specified in rebuildData()
		// You are welcome to load any classes, etc you need here.
		//IPS\Member::loggedIn()->achievementAction( '{app}', '{class}', $row['field_id'] ), \IPS\DateTime::ts( $row['field_date'] ) );

There is an extra closing parenthesis after $row['field_id']. 😋

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