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The upload folder mystery

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I just manually upgraded my board.

There are two things that I am wondering about:

Overwriting your uploads folder erases all member attachments

The guide states that "…upload the contents of the ips_xxxxx folder (not the folder itself) to your forum main directory, overwriting when prompted and making sure all files transfer without error."

Now this includes the "uploads" folder. Overwriting this with the new empty one, will off course delete all the attachments from your members. Why is this stated in such a way, that you will have to - in my case - upload 20.000 image files via FTP afterwards? That takes forever.


Should I copy these files back in?

There are some folders that I don't see why would be in the uploads folder - especially because they are named something with "java" … could it be malicious, or SHOULD I copy those back after upgrading?

See attached.



Skærmbillede 2022-02-17 kl. 09.04.52.png

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