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Age Verification plugin without storing birthdays

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So I created a feature request, which could take a while to implement, that is if it is even approved. 

In the meantime, I ask the plugin developers out there to consider creating a plugin for this. Something similar to @Adriano Faria's Age Bracket Requirement, but without storing the birthday.

 I would like to be able to stay in compliance with COPPA to verify users are 13 years of age or older (or whatever age is determined) while also not storing birthdays to the member profile. There used to be a marketplace plugin that did this but now all the plugins simply enhance the age verification part but still store the birthday in the birthday field. I can disable birthdays so we can maintain privacy but I would like it to ask for birthday on registration, only to perform the check if they are 13 or older, then simply flag the account in a hidden field that has uses a COPPA status "Under 13 (if COPPA registration is enabled), 13-17, and possibly 18+" for forums that require that type of age requirement.

Even some variation of this would be nice and useful for many communities wanting to preserve member privacy while ensuring age requirements are met at registration. (Obviously anyone can lie, but we'll have done our due diligence by asking).

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The age for the COPPA is checked once at the registration process. Once the age is ok, even informing a wrong birth date, you won’t be asked again to fill it, that’s why it doesn’t store. The user can even change their data, including birthday. I don’t remember any control on it (at code level) but I actually never really use it so I’m not sure.

You didn’t say in your post above what do you really want. What’s the goal? Check date for what? When?

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