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Please bring config allowing to set how product will appear on invoice (name). This is required because of different business models and more strict law rules in different countries. Often happens that we need to state on invoice, in pretty detailed way, what we sell and including e.g. a word like "subscription" becomes a requirement where in product name we may not want to have that word.

Additionally, it would be nice if you could add config like: "Invoice Item Details" to allow us to include more details in invoices about specific product. Giving better described invoices to our accountants puts us in better position in case of tax office audits as well described invoice minimalizes number of questions. Would be welcome to see also possibility to include some dynamic data in the details, e.g. {subscription_period}.

If is often practice by many companies that there are some sort of extra details before each listed invoice item. European countries start to look for money everywhere and any sort of business becomes harder, especially e-commerce one. Such could definitely save some of our time we have to spend on describing invoices.

Commerce is nice product but must start touching "law world" reality.

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