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display the renewal date of a product in manage purchases


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A few of my clients have already sent me a few emails reporting something that I thought it should be there.

They go to the "manage the purchase" page. They see the product, they click on manage, but they do NOT see the next renewal date. The next date when they will be charged 😞

It's not only one of the members that asked me, there were quite a few. Two of the clients actually asked me "Why does my purchase show that my renewal expires next ...?" They think that it will expire, they read they is a renewal but they don't know the next date or anything. It's confusing to them, and also to me of course.

There is no way to display that. I checked ACP and that date isn't available either to the administrator. It's an important there. And as I said before, it's not only me (admin) that is missing it, it's the clients asking about it. 

The screenshot says that there are renewal terms. The logical thing to do is to add the next renewal date.


A few clients (myself included) want to know when is the next payment. You are taking for granted that everyone think or assume that the expiration date is the renewal date. The expiration date is one thing, the renewal date is another thing, even though they are the same. The renewal term is NOT the same as the next date where you are going to be charged. The date might be the same, but my clients are asking me WHEN they will be charged again when they read that under Manage Purchases.

It seems that the payment module has been put aside and Invision focused on other things that many won't use. But in my humble opinion, the payment/products module is sort of abandoned. There isn't even a possibility to download a PDF for the invoice. You have to load the invoice and print it. And like that, so many things.

IPS is probably looking at this issue from the technical side (programming), I am referring to a real problem when dealing with real clients reporting this problem.  They do not care about the technical side, they are asking when they are going to be charged again and that information is not clearly being displayed.

Thanks a lot

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