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Remove Subscribe Link if in Certain Group and Unsubscribed

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I think this can be achived with a plugin for the subscription page /subscriptions.

I run subscriptions via commerce, which move users to member groups after they subscribe and pay. I would like to award the member group based on achievements or group promotions but then if they are moved to that group (free bacause they earned it), I'd like the ability to remove the option on the /subscription page for that subscription and show them they have earned the subscription.

I can run achievements or group promotions to move the members, thank you IPS. But there is no way to tie it into subscriptions to show and align the system.

Maybe something like:

If member is in group A (the promoted/achieved group) and does not have Subscription A, change the Subscribe Button to other text and remove hyperlink. Maybe show message tha it has been achieved.

So I want to remove the ability to subscribe to a subscription that moves the user to a group that that they can get through a group promotion or achievement. I will probably run a group promotion based on last visits and amount of content so the user canmaintain the level. They'll get moved out if they don't. 



I just don't want them to be able to subscribe to move to that group and instead show a message that they achieved it and remove the ability to click the button.

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