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Downloads Application Page loading extremely slow, time to first byte is more than 15 Seconds

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We are using Downloads Application in Version 4.6.10 (106154)

For a while now, the Downloads Page is loading extremely slowly, with Time to First Byte constantly above 10 or 15 seconds.

Most Category Pages, and Downloading single Files is not experiencing the problem, neither is the Forum Application. But the Downloads Overview Page (first page of Application), which displays Newest Downloads, Most Downloaded etc. is taking extremely long.

We have updated everything to the most recent version. We have disabled all customisations. Nothing worked.
There are no errors or warnings in the logs. The RAM and Filesystem have plenty of resources free.

Neither Filesystem or MySQL Data Storage seem to make any difference.

Any help in resolving this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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I have flagged this for a developer to take a look at. In the most part however, you will find these tend to be hosting related problems. I Would urge you to also continue working with your host to improve the performance of your MySQL instance.

While I know you have stated above you have plenty of resources free, that would not necessarily mean its performing optimally. In fact, this can actually be to the contrary. Free memory for example is memory not being utilised. While you wouldnt want it maxed out constantly, you also dont want under utilised resources. Which is where optimising applications such as MySQL for performance comes in.

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