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no option available to upgrade or downgrade a product

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I've set several products for upgrading in ACP but there is no option for the user to upgrade when he visits the manage purchase page. There is no option for upgrade or downgrade, it just doesn't' exist.

The manage the purchase page shows this:


Inside the page, there is no option to upgrade.



The products in ACP as configured upgradable as you can see below.

I need help. What am I doing wrong?




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1 hour ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Is there anything in the same category that the user can upgrade/downgrade? If you believe there is, please update all access details on file, and provide the name or ID of that member so that we can take a look for you

The product belongs to the "memberships" category. There are a few products users can update to.

The username is: kevinsdhaliwal


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