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Having an issue with automatic moderation

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Over the past few months, we've been having issues with automatically moderation holding things in the moderation queue when there's no apparent reason. We've spent time checking the individual accounts and our word filters and unable to figure out why this is happening. An established user just posted 'Welcome :D' and it got held. There are no trigger words included in their post and no account or user group restrictions to explain why that happened. We also frequently see established users have their content randomly held with no clear explanation why?


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hello, I am having this issue, 

should i be seeing something here, and if yes what setting do i need to change?

Here i see    

"when reported as "      "this field is required"   

and I dont see a field that can be changed or added. 

am I doing something wrong?     because of it the automatic moderation is not being saved. 

thank you in advance!

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I am trying to create a new automatic moderation rule. 

I have no ones in place already. 

So there is nothing hidden yet, coming from such a rule.

I want to make a rule, for the first time, but if you see the red letters, this is the reason it is not letting me save the item.

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